Sunday, January 27, 2008

Similarities to UConn last year

This Villanova team's season has been somewhat similar to UConn's last season, and I have to admit when I first saw Villanova's schedule, I was afraid this would happen. Both teams received a lot of preseason hype and were ranked in the top 25. They both had relatively easy non-conference schedules with no true road games. During their non-conference schedules' they rose through the rankings and everybody thought they were better than they actually were. However, when the Big East season started, they struggled and came back down to earth. UConn last season and Villanova this season may be viewed as disappointments, but the fact is they were/are extremely young teams, made up of mostly freshmen and sophomores. I think Villanova is a better team than UConn last season, as Nova already has solid wins, such as Pitt, that UConn never had last season. The good news is that UConn is starting to come together this season. They upset Indiana and nearly beat Georgetown both on the road. UConn wound up 6-10 in conference play last season and 17-14 overall after starting 11-0. Villanova should finish better than that. They will most likely finish right around .500 in the conference and should have at least 20 wins overall. UConn failed to make the NIT, but I think Villanova will at least get an NIT bid, if not the NCAA tournament. Villanova might have some frustrating games this season, but the future looks bright.

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