Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Scottie Declares for Draft

Scottie Reynolds has officially declared for the NBA draft, but he has not hired an agent and may still return to school. I can't say I'm not surprised. After the March 5th game against Providence I said this:
With all the hype surrounding the seniors, appreciating their achievements and bidding them farewell, kind of lost in the shuffle is Scottie Reynolds. For all we know the junior standout may have played his last game in the Pavilion. Right now I don't think his NBA draft stock is high enough to leave early, but if he leads Villanova to the Final Four averaging something like 20 points and 5 assists, he could propel himself into a first round pick.
Little did I know that he actually would lead his team to the Final Four, although he averaged just 13.4 points and 2 assists in the Tournament. With experts predicting this to be one of the weaker drafts in recent years, this might be Scottie's best opportunity to get drafted. Reynolds is what he is. I don't think he would improve his draft stock much with another year in school. Scottie's game reminds me of Mike Bibby. I don't know if he will be as successful in the league as Bibby, but he can be a solid back-up point guard (like Kyle Lowry) and bring some 3-point shooting off the bench. I fully support Scottie's decision to test the waters and I hope he does get drafted. He's done wonders for the program over the past three years, culminating in the school's first Final Four since 1985. Finally, with Corey Fisher ready to run the show and Maalik Wayns and Dominic Cheek coming to town, Scottie wouldn't exactly be leaving the team in shambles.


Paul said...

Agreed he wouldn't be leaving the team in shambles, but as we saw in 2008-2009, senior leadership goes a long way.

Tim said...

Yes, I'd love to have him back, but whatever choice he makes is fine with me.