Monday, May 18, 2009

Lowry's Season Ends

The Houston Rockets took the #1 seed in the West, the L.A. Lakers, to seven games in the second round, despite losing Yao Ming after game 3 and despite not having Tracy McGrady at all. Kyle Lowry played a big part in keeping the Rockets alive. Watching him in these 2009 playoffs reminded me how much I loved watching him play at Villanova. He plays much bigger than his 6-foot stature and isn't afraid of anyone, even the great Kobe Bryant.

Lowry must lead the league in number of charges drawn per minute. And when one of his teammates draws a charge, he's the first one to sprint over and help them up.

Rockets GM Daryl Morey is lauded as a new-wave GM, a stats-guru who finds more value in the Shane Battier defensive-types. Kyle Lowry fits that mold, and he has helped make Morey look like a genius with his strong play since he joined the team at the trade deadline. After suffering in Memphis for his first two and a half years, Lowry proved how valuable he can be to a contender. Lowry must be loving life with his new teammates in Texas. Let's just hope Ron Artest's craziness isn't contagious.

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