Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Tweets

I searched across the far-reaches of the interweb and Twitterland to find out what everybody in the Nova basketball community is thankful for this Thanksgiving.*

Klow7: @ChrisWallaceGM Thanks for trading me to a real NBA team.

randyfoye: Thankful that I'm not a part of that 13-game losing streak in Minnesota.

Dante33: @Batum, @TOutlaw, Thanks for the extra playing time due to your injuries.

TimThomas: @sportsguy33 Thanks for the kind words and support from your columns.

Scottie1: @KSampson Thank you for leaving Oklahoma, and @JTIII Thanks for not having any scholarships available.

MouphY: @FTchuisi Thanks for helping me acclimate to the United States.

BringThePena: Thanks to Strength Coach Lon Record for helping to make me a beast this year.

FisherPrice: Thanks to all the NYC streetballers who taught me my moves.

DomCheek: @BobHurley Thanks for helping me get to Villanova.

Stokes24: Thanks to my bro for making these songs.

MoSutton: Thanks to my family for giving me good basketball genes and a 6'11 frame.

iArm34: Thank God that shot went in...

JColenda: Thank you student section for going wild anytime I touch the ball.

5Wayns: @jameernelson, @Klow7 Thanks for showing me how to play like a Philly guard.

WootenForNova: Thanks to the Penn defense for allowing me to score my first points.

The_Real_Redding: Thanks to coach, my teammates, and all of Nova Nation for supporting me.

JayWright: @RollieMassThank you for teaching me everything I know.

*By searching across the interweb, I meant completely make this up myself.