Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nova and USF in the Olympics

That was exactly what Villanova needed to break their 2-game losing streak, a good old fashioned Pavilion smackdown. Nova beat South Florida 74-49 for their 37th consecutive win at the Pavilion, although it wasn't as easy as the final score would indicate. The Bulls cut Villanova's lead down to six in the second half before Villanova pulled away for good.

With the Winter Olympics in full effect, it got me thinking. How would Nova's players do if they pursued an Olympic sport instead of basketball.

Maalik Wayns - Speed Skating
With the way Wayns jets from coast to coast on the hardwood, I'm sure he could challenge Apolo Ohno and Shawnee Davis for some gold medals.

Antonio Pena - Hockey
With his intimidating size and strength, I think 'Tone would make a good hockey goon. Pena had a handful of monster jams in the game, finishing with 14 points and 7 rebounds.

Corey Fisher - Freestyle Skiing
Fisher Price uses aerial improv skills when trying to avoid taller defenders for layups, making for a perfect transition to the aerial moves needed for freestyle ski jumps. A few of Fisher's signature lay ups that usually drop took some unlucky bounces last night, resulting in a poor FG% and just 7 points.

Isaiah Armwood - Ski Jumping (Long Jump)
He has the ups to jump over his own coach, plus he has the slender frame for longer hangtime.

Reggie Redding - Curling
Like Redding's game, curling isn't the flashiest or most athletic sport, but it requires smart decision making, strategy, and precision. Redding had an inconspicuous final Pavilion game on Senior Night, just 2 points and 2 assists and limited by foul trouble. However, the more observant will realize Redding played a major role in limiting Dominique Jones, one of the Big East's best scorers, to 12 points on 2-10 shooting.

Corey Stokes - Biathlon
Nothing goes together quite like guns and skiing. Stokes has the necessary combination of speed and long-range shooting accuracy. Stokes had 11 points, knocking down multiple threes for the first time in five games.

Taylor King - Snowboard Halfpipe
King is from Huntington Beach, California, so he probably knows how to surf, which will make for an easy transition to the snow. He just needs to grow his hair out to fit in with Shaun White.

Mouphtaou Yarou, Maurice Sutton, Jarrid Famous, and Augustus Gilchrist - Bobsled Team
Hey, if Jamaica can have a bobsled team, why not Benin? Okay, they probably wouldn't be any good, but I would just love to see a bunch of 6'10 and 6'11 guys try to fit into a little bobsled.
After a good showing against UConn, I was surprised to see Mouph only play one minute at Pitt. Then Jay rewarded the big man with a season high 24 minutes against USF, and he didn't disappoint. He is still raw offensively, scoring just 4 points, but he had 6 rebounds, 2 blocks, and 3 steals.

Dominic Cheek - Alpine Skiing
Downhill racing requires speed, athleticism, fearlessness, and luck... Kind of like the lucky no-call on Cheek's put-back dunk that was probably offensive interference. Let's just hope Cheek doesn't start playing drunk like Bode Miller.

Scottie Reynolds - Figure Skating
Before you laugh, wait a minute and hear me out. Figure skating is the most popular event at the winter games. The skater is under intense pressure to deliver a flawless routine in front of huge crowds. You need to be precise and crafty performing jumps, flips, loops, axles, and spins. Most importantly, you need to be clutch and calm under pressure, which coincidentally are two of Scottie Reynolds' greatest attributes. Naturally Scottie would also spice up the event like Will Ferrell in Blades of Glory.

Last night was Scottie's final game at the Pavilion, and he put on a show for the fans with some spectacular shots en route to his game-high 21 points. It may have been his last time playing in the Pavilion, but I'm sure we'll be seeing that #1 jersey hanging up in the rafters sometime in the near future.

Russell Wooten and Jason Colenda - Doubles Luge
The student section showed some appreciation to the walk-on Wooten on Senior Night, and although he's no longer on the team, we can't forget about the other senior walk-on, Jason Colenda. Now it's time for them to pass the Olympic torch to the next Villanova walk-on.

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