Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nova News 2010 NCAA Bracket

Evan Turner is ridiculous, but Ohio State's lack of size in the front court will catch up to them against Greg Monroe and Georgetown. Kansas is the cream of the crop in this region, and I don't see anybody stopping them.

Minnesota is my biggest upset of the first two rounds; just a gut call. I hate to be boring with a lack of major upsets, but I just don't see many happening this year. I think Syracuse advances to Indy with or without Onuaku.

I would have picked West Virginia to make it to the Final Four if they were in any other region, but I think Kentucky is a special team. The "other" Wildcats are very young, but they are loaded with NBA talent, and John Wall is the next Dwyane Wade.

I wanted to pick Louisville to upset Duke in the second round, but I'd much rather Villanova take down the Blue Devils later. I'm trying to subdue my homerism and temper expectations, but I just really like Villanova's potential match ups to get to the Final Four.

Final Four:
I have Syracuse beating Kansas, but that is only if Onuaku is healthy. The Orange can get to the Final Four without him, but they can't beat the Jayhawks without their steroid-filled center. Like last year, Nova's run will come to an end in the Final Four, and as usual, their loss will come at the hands of the eventual National Champion: the Kentucky Wildcats.

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Tim said...

I may know Villanova basketball, but clearly I have no idea what's going on in the rest of college basketball.