Friday, March 7, 2008

Foye reaches 1,000

Randy Foye scored his 1,000th career point Wednesday night at Utah. He was at 999 points entering the game and scored 18 to surpass the 1,000 point mark and move his NBA career total to 1,017. Randy scored 832 points in 82 games during his rookie season. He has 185 points through 17 games this season. Foye is shooting an impressive 42.6% from 3-point land and is averaging 10.9 points per game.


Billy said...

It's a pity you don't get more comments on this blog, its a great blog with solid game analysis and this blog is far more consistently updated than other Nova blogs.

Also, the updates such as this one regarding how Nova NBA'ers are doing are really interesting, keep up the good work.

cmnova04 said...

I'm starting to convert to this blog. I like the consistency... the other Nova blogs I frequented really were fair-weather fan blogs. Can't win them all people!

I really think Foye can become an all-star caliber NBA player. It may be tough because it's really a popularity contest, but I expect him to much a HUGE improvement in his play by this time next year.

Hoping Foye and Lowry can both remain healthy and continue to produce how they each have over the last month.

Pete said...

Haha this is a good blog for sure, but letsgonova is not "fair weather" -- we update on weekdays, that's all. If a game is on Saturday, expect an update on Monday.