Thursday, March 27, 2008

Kansas vs. Villanova

Get in the mood for an upset...

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editor said...

Hello, Tim-

Great find with that SportsCenter clip about the glorious upset over Kansas two years ago.

You and your readers might find this of interest - I've written a detailed preview of Kansas/Villanova on my site, which can be found at This direct URL:

is too long to fit in your comments section, I believe. But if you click on my signature link or just go to the home page, you'll have no difficulty finding it.

I discuss the long-term historical significance of that upset in my preview, so you might be particularly interested in that aspect of it. In that preview, I've now also put in a link, to this Nova News post, so that others can see the ESPN video you've posted here.

Comments, thoughts, etc., are always welcome.

Go Wildcats!