Saturday, January 9, 2010

Foye Caught in Arenas Circus

I knew I was taking a risk when I drafted Gilbert Arenas on my fantasy team, but I figured I would lose him to another knee injury, not a gun suspension. By now you know the story: Arenas and Javaris Crittenton had some kind of gambling dispute and Arenas brought guns into the team's locker room. Ever the jokester, Arenas tried to lighten the situation by playfully making gun gestures with his hands in a pregame huddle. Randy Foye had the misfortune of being caught in Arenas' vicinity during his antics and was fined $10,000 by the NBA. Being the upright citizen and proud Villanova grad that he is, Foye had all the right things to say afterward: "It was foolish, stupid, immature, but I've got to be a man and accept my penalty and I apologize to the fans and the organization for behaving in that manner."

It's unfair that Foye is being penalized for his teammate's actions, but in reality, this might be the best $10,000 Foye spends all year. For most of the season Foye was coming off the bench for Washington and was struggling to find consistent playing time. Now he replaces Arenas in the Wizards' rotation as the team's starting point guard, which is significant considering this is a contract year for Foye. Randy may lose $10,000 now, but he has an opportunity to showcase his talent this season and remake that 10k, plus a lot more, with a new contract over the summer. Foye is averaging 8 points this season, down from 16.3 last season, but he's scored 18 and 20 points in his first two games since Arenas was suspended indefinitely.

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