Sunday, January 24, 2010

Nova Downs Red Storm (Must See TV Edition)

Villanova trailed by one at halftime, but Jay Wright's squad returned from MSG's locker room with tenacity, going on to beat the St. John's Red Storm 81-71. Nova was carried by a trio of 6-foot-nothing scoring assassins. Scottie Reynolds led the way with 19 points. Corey Fisher scored 18 and Maalik Wayns added 16 points. Villanova is now alone in first place in the Big East at 7-0, their best start ever to conference play.

Now that Leno has officially stolen the Tonight Show back from Conan, NBC is left scrambling to find replacement programing for its 10:00 time slot. Luckily, I have some ideas involving members of the Villanova basketball community.

Monday 10:00 PM
"Saved by the Bell: The College Years II (The New New Class)"
A reboot of the sequel to the hit series. Featuring Taylor King as California beach bum Zack Morris, Antonio Pena as muscle-bound A.C. Slater, Maurice Sutton as the wacky Screech Powers, and Ed Pinckney as the former sports star who returns to school as an R.A.

10:30 PM
"Fresh Prince of Benin"
Starring Mouphtaou Yarou as Will Smith and Russell Wooten as his cousin Carlton Banks. Watch as high jinks ensue while Mouph makes his transition from Africa to life in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

Tuesday 10:00 PM
"Rollie's Recipes"
A cooking show hosted by Rollie Massimino, featuring his famous Italian pasta dishes.

10:30 PM
"The Two Coreys"

A reality show following Corey Fisher and Corey Stokes in their lives after high school in New Jersey as they try to balance athletics and academics.

Wednesday 10:00 PM
"Law and Order: PSU" (Public Safety Unit)
A new addition to the Law and Order franchise, starring Reggie Redding, Isaiah Armwood, and Dominic Cheek as Villanova Public Safety officers who patrol the campus searching for underage drinkers.

Thursday 10:00 PM
"24: Villanova"

St. Joe's fans have planned a terrorist attack on the Pavilion, and only one man can stop them... undercover CTU agent Jay Wright. He has 24 hours to prevent the attack, but Jay must beware of a mole inside CTU.

Friday 10:00 PM
"Walker, Nova Ranger"

Watch as Scottie Reynolds and his partner Maalik Wayns revive Chuck Norris' role as martial arts experts who fight crime in the Big East with roundhouse kicks and jumpshots.

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