Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Giants and Nova

As the Superbowl approaches, I decided to take a look at my team, the New York Giants, and my other team, the Villanova Wildcats, and figure out which player on Villanova resembles a player on the Giants.

Eli Manning : Scottie Reynolds

The respective leaders on their teams. Eli has taken control of the leadership of the team with the departure of Tiki Barber. Scottie took over with the graduation of seniors Mike Nardi, Curtis Sumpter, and Will Sheridan.

Plaxico Burress : Corey Fisher

Both are great scorers with the ability to take over games. Burress is one of the top receivers in the league and has the capacity to make big plays on deep throws and short passes. Fisher is a creative scorer that can drive to the basket and hit threes.

Ahmad Bradshaw : Malcolm Grant

Bradshaw is an undrafted rookie running back from Marshall. He wasn't expected to be a major contributed, but had to step up due to injuries. He has surprised many with his stellar play late in the season. Grant was the least heralded of the incoming freshman, but has surprised many by being arguably the best of the three recruits so far.

Amani Toomer : Dante Cunningham

Toomer is a wily veteran receiver that is reliable and unselfish. Dante as a junior is a veteran on the team and is also unselfish and consistent. Neither are the major offensive threat on their teams, but when their number is called they usually deliver, whether it's a late-game touchdown or tap-in at the buzzer.

Osi Umenyiora : Casiem Drummond

Both are big guys and dominant defenders. Osi is a defensive end that is strong and quick and has a knack for getting to the quarterback for the sack. Drummond is the the center and is a beast down low. He is a rebounding machine and has a great defensive presence in the post.

Brandon Jacobs : Antonio Pena

Both are big guys that are great young offensive players. Jacobs is a running back that is surprisingly quick for his size and he runs over defenders. Pena is Nova's best offensive big man. He is able to back down defenders to score.

Jeremy Shockey : Shane Clark

Both are good complimentary players. The Giants were able to make it to the Superbowl, despite Shockey being out injured the second half of the season, and some believe the Giants are better off without him. Clark was the leading scorer early in the season, but has missed some recent games due to fatigue, and some fans think Nova would be better without him.

R.W. McQuarters : Dwayne Anderson

McQuarters is a veteran cornerback and special teams player. Anderson is also a versatile player that can play the 2, 3, or 4. Both make some good defensive and hustle plays, but you aren't comfortable with them handling the ball, as McQuarters is prone to fumbles and Anderson is prone to turnovers.

Michael Strahan : Reggie Redding

Both are defensive players. Strahan is a veteran defensive end and a leader on the team. Redding usually guards the opposing team's best scorer because of his size and defensive prowess.

Steve Smith : Corey Stokes

Smith is a rookie wide receiver, and Stokes is a freshman shooting guard. Both are young with potential, but neither are consistent contributers yet.

Hopefully the G-Men can pull the upset and end the perfect season. My prediction for the final score: Giants 30, Patriots 28

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