Friday, April 4, 2008

Grant to transfer

Malcolm Grant has received a release to transfer. Jay Wright stated, "Malcolm is an integral part of our basketball family and a great young man. He has been exemplary as a student and a teammate at Villanova. However, he deserves starters' minutes. We are grateful for all that Malcolm has given to Villanova and support him in this decision."

It's a shame to see Malcolm leave, but I wish him the best of luck wherever he ends up. He struggled to find playing time in Villanova's crowded backcourt this season, and if Villanova lands Tyreke Evans, Grant would have had even more difficultly getting on the floor next season.

I think he should have received more playing time this past season. Who knows what would have happened if Malcolm played more, but without him Villanova would have lost to LSU and Pitt at home. Those losses would have put Villanova at 18-14, and most likely out of the NCAA Tournament. So even though he played a total of two minutes in three tournament games, Villanova never could have made their Sweet Sixteen run without Malcolm Grant.

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