Friday, April 25, 2008

"NBA Playoffs" The Movie

2007-2008 NBA Playoffs the Movie, starring...

Jason Schwartzman as Sasha Vujacic
Actor, Rushmore, I Heart Huckabees : SG, LA Lakers

Aston Kutcher as Kyle Korver
Actor, That 70s Show, Punk'd : SG, Utah Jazz

Chris Rock as Michael Finley
Comedian/Actor : G/F, San Antonio Spurs

Denzel Washington as Tracy McGrady
Actor, Malcolm X, Training Day, American Gangster : SG, Houston Rockets

The guy from the State Farm commercials as Jason Kidd
Actor : PG, Dallas Mavericks

Method Man as Rasheed Wallace
Rapper, Wu-Tang Clan : PF, Detroit Pistons

Mr. Eko as Samuel Dalembert
Actor, Lost : C, Philadelphia 76ers

Will Smith as Tim Duncan
Actor/Rapper : PF, San Antonio Spurs

KRS-One as Chris Bosh
Rapper : PF, Toronto Raptors

B.J. Novak as Jose Calderon
Ryan Howard on The Office : PG, Toronto Raptors

Omar Little as Reggie Evans
Actor, The Wire : F, Philadelphia 76ers

Owen Wilson as Andrei Kirilenko
Actor, Zoolander, Wedding Crashers : F, Utah Jazz

Michael Clarke Duncan as Shaquille O'Neal
Actor, Armageddon, The Green Mile : C, Phoenix Suns

G.I. Jane as Steve Nash
Actress, Demi Moore : PG, Phoenix Suns

Ron Jeremy as Stan Van Gundy
Actor, porn star : Coach, Orlando Magic

Sideshow Bob as Anderson Varejao
Actor, The Simpsons : PF, Cleveland Cavaliers

Jason Voorhees as Rip Hamilton
Actor/serial killer, Friday the 13th : SG, Detroit Pistons

A Werewolf as Pau Gasol
Actor, Teen Wolf : PF, L.A. Lakers

and Grimace as Charles Barkley
McDonald's character : TNT analyst

... coming soon to a theater near you.

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