Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Northwood Preview

The 2008-2009 season kicks off Thursday with an exhibition game against the Northwood University Seahawks.  The game is at 7:00 pm in the Wachovia Spectrum.  The Seahawks are coached by Villanova legend Rollie Massimino.  Villanova played Northwood two years ago in Florida in a exhibition game and won 97-60.  Northwood may have a size advantage up front with three seven footers (7'0, 7'0, and 7'4), but this shouldn't be much of a contest.  Expect Jay Wright to try several lineup combinations in preparation for the regular season.  It will be interesting to see who will be in the starting lineup because there are eight players who could legitimately start.  The only real locks for the starting five are Scottie Reynolds and Dante Cunningham.  Jay tends to favor seniors so I wouldn't be surprised if Shane Clark and Dwayne Anderson started as well.  Then there are the talented sophomores Corey Stokes, Corey Fisher, and Antonio Pena.  Also, Jay might elect to start Casiem Drummond because of Northwood's size.  The two key players to watch are Shane Clark and Casiem Drummond.  If they are back to 100% this season it will be a huge boost to the team.

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