Monday, February 9, 2009

Marquette: Rematch

Preview: Villanova will look to win its 6th straight game, and 26th consecutive in the Pavilion, Tuesday night vs. Marquette. Of course this is the second time the teams will meet; Marquette won the first game 79-72. Since then Marquette went on a tear through the Big East, getting out to a 9-0 start, but that ended this past weekend when they were upset at South Florida 57-56. Nova fans should remember that South Florida is a scrappy team at home, so I won't take too much away from them for that loss. Marquette has not played any of the big three teams (UConn, Pitt, Louisville) yet, but they are for real. Nova and Marquette are similar teams, both guard-oriented, and Marquette has had the advantage recently because of their experience. However, the two Coreys are maturing by the day and Redding, Anderson, and Clark have made strides since the first meeting. I'd be extremely surprised if this isn't a very close game. I think the Pavilion crowd will help Nova squeak by with a W.

TV: ESPN2 7:30 PM

Links: 1/1 Preview, 1/1 Recap, VUHoops, AP, IBBW, VBTN, LGN


BetFirms said...

I agree with you that Marquette is for real, but not playing any of the big teams yet and now having to head to Villanova to take on the Cats feels like they haven't been tested quite yet.

Publisher said...

Hello, Tim-

I enjoyed your preview. I also am optimistic about this one; I am hoping for a narrow victory.

Certainly, I agree with you that there are really no easy games in the BE any more, especially on the road. While it's true that Marquette hasn't had to play the three toughest teams yet, anyone who reels off nine straight victories to start the conference slate has one great team. (They have a win over us, after all, and we're a ranked team.)

I also agree that we're improved, and that Redding, the Corys, Anderson and Clark are better players than they were back at New Year's. So we'll hope for the best.

Also, I thought you might be interested in reading the preview I've written for the game:

Site in general:

I have your preview, as well as the other VU blogs, included in the beginning of my preview, and I also have you linked on the sidebar.

Thanks - keep up the good work...

Go Wildcats!

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