Sunday, December 28, 2008


Nova News Big East Power Poll #2

As non-conference play winds down, it's time for another NNBEPP to see where each team is before Big East play gets underway. Listen to what I say. Or you'll pay...

1. UConn (11-0)
UConn escaped Gonzaga in overtime despite Hasheem Thabeet fouling out in only 19 minutes of play. Maybe his performance suffered because he got contact-high from Josh Heytvelt.

2. Pitt (12-0)
With only Robert Morris left in February, I think it's safe to say Pitt will go undefeated in non-conference play.

3. Georgetown (9-1)
Have you ever noticed that Austin Freeman (6'5 sophomore SG) and Chris Wright (6'1 sophomore PG) are like the bizarro versions of Corey Stokes (6'5 sophomore SG) and Corey Fisher (6'1 sophomore PG).

4. Notre Dame (9-2)

The Tyler Hansborough of the Big East only missed 2 games from pneumonia and is now back to getting 22 and 12 every night.

5. Villanova (11-1)
I'm still not sure where this team ranks with the rest of the Big East. We will soon find out.

6. Syracuse (12-1)
Cleveland St. beats Syracuse, Syracuse beats Memphis, and Eric Devendorf beats women.

7. Louisville (8-2)
It wasn't as embarrassing as WKU, but the Cardinals dropped another game, this time to Minnesota. They were ranked too high preseason at #3, but this team should still be playing better.

8. Marquette (11-2)
Marquette's final game before starting Big East play is the against the Presbyterian Blue Hose, which might be the best team name ever.

9. West Virginia (10-2)
In case you were wondering what ever happened to Kevin Pitsnoggle:
"wuttup playin for the pittsburgh cba team now ..but i will never forget who all got me to this point and wut WVU did for me and my family..THANK YOU the best three point shooter in school history...i am married to a beautiful woman named Heather and have a brand new boy named Kwynsie."

10. Cincinnati (10-2)
Are you ready for the Yancy Gates era?

11. Seton Hall (9-3)
Jeremy Hazell can dazzle: 22.4 ppg with three 30+ point games.

12. Rutgers (9-3)
Rutgers is averaging 8.7 blocks per game... How is this even possible? For comparison Villanova is averaging 2.8.

13. St. John's (9-3)
What is a Red Storm? Raindrops of blood?

14. Providence (8-4)
There's just nothing interesting to say about this team.

15. DePaul (8-5)
See Providence.

16. South Florida (5-7)
Once again, you can't complain when you're living here...

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